Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit

Energy efficiency
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Energy efficiency and resilience involves adapting to a changing, energy constrained world and planning for a future where energy supplies are running out and prices rising. This means coping on the farm with supply shocks, pressure to reduce consumption and increasing self-sufficiency by generating energy on-site.

Click on the links below to explore how to improve resilience and save energy on your farm.

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Final thoughts

Even simple steps can have a big impact on energy consumption, which anyone can follow. There are a series of measures which can be taken on different types of farm as well, so targeted responses to saving energy can be taken across the farm, increasing resilience and saving money.

Carbon Calculators allow you to quantify the CO2 savings you could make by taking action. Evidence of energy and carbon saved is increasingly expected by large processors and retailers who have internal targets to meet (see the Drivers for change section for more on this).

Further information:

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Farming Futures factsheet on energy efficiency 

Use the personalised Carbon Trust energy saving tool to find out more about energy efficiency measures on your farm