Farm Carbon Cutting Toolkit


This bit is where you can make a difference…

The pages in this section are designed to enable you to DO something – which in the end is what all of this is about.
There are actions in here that will both immediately improve your farm business profitability and set up your farm business to be ahead of the curve in relation to the upcoming need to reduce farm GHG emissions and to have less exposure to resource volatility in a changing world…. This is farming for the future as well as today.

Your Farm
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Make a start on reducing the GHG emissions from your farm here.

Resource Resilience
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Resilience in this context is about 'future proofing' – adopting an holistic approach and seeking to secure a business, community or individual, more resistant to outside pressures and changes.

Case Studies
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Read about how other farmers have taken practical actions to reduce their emissions and the challenges and benefits they experienced.

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Inspired to take action? Seen something you think others should know about? Share tips and information about low carbon farming, post useful material, and keep the discussion going – this is your page for the latest in UK low carbon farming.

Specialist advice
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For some of the methods and techniques in the toolkit a certain amount of specialist advice is needed, for example energy.

Contact us if you need more detailed specialist technical help - it could lead to real change. 

Local groups
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FCCT wants to help set up and provide resources to local groups of farmers across the UK to help disseminate information and share knowledge.

Check our map for a group near you or other related activity here