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Soil Farmer of the Year
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What it is all about?

The inagural national Soil farmer of the Year competition aimed to find the best farmers and growers who were engaged with and passionate about managing their soils in a way that supports productive agriculture, biodiversity, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and builds soil organic matter and carbon. 

Soil underpins the entire farming system. A healthy well-managed soil rich in organic matter will support productive and healthy crops and pasture, which in turn supports a profitable and resilient farming system.

What was the prize?

The competition was kindly sponsored by Cotswold Seeds.  The winning farm received £250 worth of fertility building or green manure seed, with the runner up receiving £150 worth and third prize £100. 

2016 Resources

The competition was launched on World Soils Day back in December 2015.  The finalists were announced in March, (read the release here) and then the results were announced in May.

The results from the 2016 competition were:

Winner: Clive Bailye

Runner Up: Iain Tolhurst

3rd Prize: Jeremy and Heather Dale

Finalists: David Miller, David Walston, David White, and Nigel Griffiths.

Farm Walk with the Winner 13th June 2016

On a cloudy evening, farmers from far and wide gathered in a shed for a farm walk to listen, discover and understand why Clive Bailye had been awarded the accolade of the first Soil Farmer of the year competition.

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Runner up Iain Tolhurst - Farm Walk 8th July

On Friday the 8th July, the farm walk with Iain Tolhurst from Tolhurst organic was held in glorious sunshine.  Iain had been awarded runner up in our Soil Farmer of the Year competition due to his commitment to soil management and his innovative approach to maintaining soil fertility and his use of rotations and green manures.

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To watch the videos taken on the farm walk please click here.

To see the images from the event, click here.

Third place - Jeremy and Heather Dale

The event with the Dale's is just being finalised, and as soon as details are available will be published.